Employment Law for You

At Crossland Employment Solicitors we only do one thing – employment law. Keeping up to date with employment law is a challenge in itself with cases being reported almost daily and regulations and the law changing frequently. You need advice from experts who practice in employment law every day.

Employment law is one of the most personal areas of legal advice, next to divorce. We recognise the importance of  your career and your ability to support your family.

We will advise you on the terms of any new contract, including any post termination restrictions your employer is looking to impose. We will help you to negotiate a contract which is in more favourable terms.

One of the first questions is sometimes whether you are an employee at all. If not, then there are many rights that you do not have, such as the right not to be unfairly dismissed. We are able to help with this analysis and give advice on status and the rights that go with this.

There are some documents that have to be signed by a solicitor to be legally binding. These include ‘settlement agreements’ and an employer will usually make a contribution to the cost of you seeking advice on an agreement which wants to terminate the working relationship. 

We understand that sometimes the employment relationship is not working well, through no fault of  yours and we can advise you on the options open to  you in dealing with this. We can also advise on redundancy situations and claims for discrimination and whistleblowing

We are very open about the fact that we do not undertake work on a ‘no win/no fee’ basis and neither do we do work on behalf of insurance companies. We believe it is important to give you advice without there being any real or perceived conflict of interest. However, we will advise you at the outset of the other options available to you to help reduce cost.

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