Pension benefits for same-sex partners

Surviving civil partners and spouses in same-sex marriages must be provided with pension death benefits on the same basis as would apply to a marriage between a man and a woman. In particular, such benefits cannot be limited to the member’s pensionable service completed on or after 5 December 2005.

Claimants who do not properly particularise their complaints risk costs

Liddington v 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust


An EAT decision which serves as a word of caution to some claimants, but perhaps also as a reassurance to employers. The EAT upholds an order made for costs against a litigant in person. Whilst generally, a tribunal will afford unrepresented parties a degree of discretion in how they present their claim and conduct themselves throughout proceedings, this case indicates that there is a limit to that discretion.

Tribunal sets aside settlement agreement on grounds of mental capacity

Glasgow City Council v Dahhan


An employment tribunal can set aside a settlement agreement on the ground that it is invalid because the claimant did not have mental capacity at the time the agreement was concluded.

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