Employment Law Update

The topics for this event, based on questions and issues coming up in practice are:

Dismissal of employees with less than two years’ service:

  • the 30 exceptions to the need to have two years’ service to bring a claim for unfair dismissal
  • other potential claims employees can bring, and
  • calculating the two years correctly


COVID-related issues:

  • update on some of the case law working its way through such as claims it is a health and safety related dismissal or contrary to philosophical beliefs
  • reducing sick pay for those who are unvaccinated
  • no jab/no job
  • pressure from third parties to have staff vaccinated


A round-up of the case law including an interesting case where the dismissal of a serial grievance raiser was found to be fair


An update on immigration, visas and sponsorship licences from the Migrate team


An update on recruitment trends and issues from Katherine Bertram at the Career Boutique