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Updated HR1 form and new guidance

An updated version of the HR1 form, for use by employers to notify BEIS of a proposal to dismiss as redundant 20 or more employees at one establishment in a 90-day period, has been published, as well as a new accompanying employer guidance document.

An employer proposing to dismiss as redundant 20 or more employees must notify the Secretary of State for BEIS (via the Insolvency Service). The notification must be submitted before the redundant employees receive their notice of dismissal and at least 30 days (45 days if 100 or more) before that dismissal takes effect. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

The updated HR1 form is shorter than the previous version. The new employer guidance contains much of the text which used to be in the previous version of the HR1 form as well as a bit more detail on what employers have to do. Both the updated HR1 form and the associated guidance can be found on the Insolvency Service website.