Sexual harassment: code of practice to be published

A new code on tacking sexual harassment at work is to be published – but not until after various consultations have been carried out.

The plans include:

  • introducing a new statutory code of practice on sexual harassment, to be developed by the EHRC
  • commissioning a survey to gather regular data on the prevalence of sexual harassment
  • consulting on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • consulting on the evidence base for a new legal duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • consulting on strengthening and clarifying the laws on third-party harassment in the workplace
  • consulting on whether further legal protections are required for interns and volunteers
  • exploring the evidence for extending employment tribunal time limits for Equality Act 2010 cases
  • ensuring the public sector takes action to tackle and prevent sexual harassment
  • working with regulators for whom sexual harassment is particularly relevant to ensure they are taking appropriate action
  • considering whether further learnings can be taken from the criminal justice system to use in the employment tribunal system, to ensure vulnerable claimants have appropriate protection, and
  • checking that the list of organisations who can receive ‘whistleblowing’ information includes the right bodies