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Pay data: three months to March-April 2022

Various research organisations have published pay data for the three months to the end of March and April 2022.

  • XpertHR recorded a median basic pay award of 3.0% across the whole economy for the three months to the end of March (lower quartile: 2.5%; upper quartile: 4.8%). Its provisional analysis of April pay awards reveals a notable upturn in pay settlements. Early indications shows that the median pay award rises to 4%, with few pay freezes and the majority of deals higher than a year ago
  • The median pay award across the whole economy stood at 3.5% for the three months to April, according to the latest analysis by Incomes Data Research (interquartile range: 3.0%-5.0%).
  • By way of contrast, research from the Chartered Management Institute claims that wage rises are on the back burner with almost half of employers not planning to offer pay rises. Its poll of more than 1,000 managers found that one in three were concerned about the financial performance of their organisations and, as a result, 48% were not planning to give pay rises this year. Among those that were increasing pay, the average pay award was just 2.8%.